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The Electric Field Principle Of Lan Cable

Shenzhen KW-LINK Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

The cable terminal is a component that connects the cable to other electrical equipment. The cable middle head is the part that connects the two cables. The cable terminal and the middle head are collectively referred to as cable accessories. Cable accessories should be the same as the cable body can be long-term safe operation, and has the same service life with the cable. Good cable accessories should have the following properties:Lan Cable

Wire connection: the main connection resistance is small and the connection is stable, can withstand the impact of fault current; long-term operation after the contact resistance should not be greater than the cable core body with the length of the resistance of 1.2 times; should have a certain mechanical strength, Vibration, corrosion resistance; in addition to small size, low cost, easy on-site installation.Lan Cable The high-voltage cable has a grounded (copper) shield on each phase of the core, and a radially distributed electric field is formed between the conductive core and the shield. In other words, the electric field of the normal cable is only from the (copper) wire along the radial (copper) shield of the power line, there is no core axis of the electric field (power line), the electric field distribution is uniform.Lan Cable

In order to make the cable reliable operation, the stress pipe in the cable head is very important, and the stress pipe is to destroy the main insulation layer on the basis of the effect of decentralized electrical stress. In the cable body, the outer surface of the core can not be a standard circle, the core of the distance from the shield will not be equal, according to the principle of electric field, electric field strength will be the size of the cable insulation is also unfavorable. In order to make the electric field inside the cable evenly, there is a circular outer surface of the semiconductor layer, so that the thickness of the main insulation layer is basically equal to the purpose of uniform distribution of the electric field.Lan Cable