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The Common Type Of Patch Cable

Shenzhen KW-LINK Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

    Jumper is actually connected to the circuit board (PCB) two demand point of the metal connection line, because the product design is different, the jumper use of materials, thickness is not the same. Most of the jumpers are used for the same potential voltage transmission, there are also used to protect the circuit reference voltage, for a precision voltage requirements, a little bit of the metal jumper voltage drop will also have a significant impact on product performance.

     There are computer board jumpers, fiber jumpers, network jumper and so on. Computer board "jumper" from the appearance point of view is embedded in the motherboard, sound card, hard drive and other equipment on the small metal stick (jumper column), and set in these metal stick on the small clip (jumper). The function of the jumper is to adjust the on-off relationship of different electrical signals on the device, and to adjust the working status of the device, such as determining the voltage of the motherboard, the master-slave relationship of the drive and so on. Patch Cable

    When the jumper clip at the same time put on two jumper when it shows that the two jumper connected, and if only one or no cover on, it is broken. Adjust the jumper is very important, if the wrong jump, ranging from crashes, serious and even burn the entire device, so when you adjust the jumper must be carefully read the instructions, check the jumper name, jumper number and on and off relationship.Patch Cable

The jumper on the motherboard generally includes CPU setup jumper, CMOS clear jumper, BIOS write jumper and so on. Among them, the CPU to set the jumper is the most complex, if the motherboard is older, you must set the motherboard voltage, FSB, multiplier jumper. According to the motherboard manual and CPU frequency, set the corresponding jumper. Under normal circumstances, the motherboard corresponds to the CPU voltage is a set of jumper, each jumper corresponds to a voltage value, find the appropriate voltage, plug a keycap short it, select the voltage value. Similarly, find the FSB jumper and multiplier jumper, respectively, set the appropriate FSB and multiplier. Note that only one jumper can be selected for each jumper. The jumper here refers to the copper cable, which is made up of standard jumper cables and connecting hardware. The jumper cable has two cores to eight cores. The connecting hardware is two 6-bit or 8-bit module plugs Or they have one or more bare wires. Some jumpers have a module plug at the other end with an 8-bit module slot on the other end, or a 100P wiring plug, MICs, or module slot. Jumper used in the patch panel to transfer a variety of links, can be used as a patch panel or equipment to connect the cable.Patch Cable