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Relevant Technical Parameters Of POWER CABLE

Shenzhen KW-LINK Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 19, 2017

     The power cord is a wire that transmits electricity. Usually the way of current transmission is point-to-point transmission. Power cord According to the use can be divided into AC AC power cord and click here to add a picture of DC DC power line, usually AC power cord is through a higher voltage AC wire, this kind of wire because of high voltage needs to obtain a unified standard safety certification can be formally produced. POWER CABLE

     The DC line is basically through the low voltage DC, so in the security requirements and no AC line is strict, but security, the current countries still require unified security certification.POWER CABLE

    Power line selection is based on a number of principles, so-called can not be Cheng Cheng, reflection is not invented, the power cord is the case. The quality of appearance and other related requirements are also in accordance with the power line certification requirements to carry out, the production of power lines according to which principles?POWER CABLE

     According to the Department of Power System Design technical specification in sdj161-85, the selection of the conductor cross-section of the power transmission line is carried out by the selection of the conductor cross-section of the DC transmission line; "Technical guide for high voltage direct current transmission line" dl436-2005.POWER CABLE

    When the signal level of the port is greater than 1.8V, the main power supply is off, if the signal level is below 1.8V, the main power supply is on. Use a multimeter to test the output signal level of the foot, generally around 4V. Because the output voltage of the foot is the signal level. Here is a preliminary judgement of the power of the good or bad soil method: the use of wire short green port and any black port, if the power is not responding, indicating that the power is damaged.POWER CABLE