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Related Properties Of Lan Cable

Shenzhen KW-LINK Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2017

      The transmission frequency of this kind of cable is 1mhz~250mhz, six class wiring system in 200MHz comprehensive attenuation crosstalk ratio (PS-ACR) should have larger allowance, it provides twice times to five kinds of bandwidth, five kinds of line is 100M, Super Five class is 155M, six class is 200M. Do not exceed cable pulling power provided by the manufacturer. Tension over the assembly so that the cable in the twisted distance deformation, seriously affect the ability of the cable to suppress noise, and seriously affect the structure of the cable return loss, which will change the impedance of the cable, damage the overall return loss performance.Lan Cable
     Avoid excessive bending of cables, as this alters the alignment of the cable's centerline. If the bending is excessive, the line pair may disperse, resulting in mismatched impedance and unacceptable performance of the echo loss. In addition, the relationship between the 4 wires inside the cable is changed, which leads to the noise suppression problem. In general, the bending radius of the cable shall not be less than 8 times times the diameter of the installed cable. For typical type six cable, the bending radius should be greater than 50 mm.Lan Cable
     On-line cable-end contacts should make each line pair in the cable as close to the data center as possible. The wire pair is calculated by the cable manufacturer, and changing the cable hinge will adversely affect the performance of the cable. Although the ISO and TIA five cabling standards specify the length of the line to disperse (13 mm), they do not provide such a requirement for six types of wiring. The current proposal is to comply with the manufacturer's recommendations.Lan Cable
    Avoid compressing cables with tight cable ties. The cable is too tight will make the twisted wire inside the cable deformation, affecting its performance, generally make the return loss more obviously in the unqualified state. The effect of the return loss is accumulated, and the total loss is increased for each cable that is too tight. The use of hooks and annular cable ties is recommended.Lan Cable
    When pulling cables out of a reel, be aware that cables can sometimes be knotted. If the cable is knotted, it should be treated as a cable damage and the cable should be replaced. Mounting pressure will cause the installer to straighten the cable knot. However, the damage has occurred and will be detected when the cable is tested.Lan Cable