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POWER CABLE Selection Tips

Shenzhen KW-LINK Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

               The power cord is a wire that transmits electricity. Usually the way of current transmission is point-to-point transmission. The power line can be divided into AC AC power line and DC DC power cord According to the use, usually AC power line is through the high-voltage AC wire, this kind of wire because the high voltage needs uniform standards to obtain safety certification can be formally produced. The DC line is basically through the low voltage DC, so in the security requirements and no AC line is strict, but security, countries still require unified security certification.

               Although the power line is small, but the responsibility is significant, not only directly related to the use of household appliances and life expectancy, more about the user's personal property safety, so consumers must not be taken lightly when purchasing. However, there are many kinds of power line products in the market, each electrical appliance has its own characteristics, the ordinary consumer if not its law, it is easy to cross-stitch eye.POWER CABLE

                The power cord should be purchased according to different household appliances. Different household appliances, the use of the power cord is also different. In general, lighting, tape recorders, television integrated plug line, it is advisable to choose RVB-70, RVZ-70-type parallel or twisted pair, its cross-sectional area should be 0. 75-1. 0mm Rice Cookers, air conditioners, fan, electric fans, refrigerators, washing machines and other power cords to choose the RVZ-70 type three-core sheathed wire appropriate, its cross-sectional area should be 0. 75-1. 5mm, 100W around the solder electric chromium iron, hand drill and other mobile strong and has a heat source or electric spark electrical appliances and mobile sockets, to choose the RHF type line appropriate, its cross-sectional area should be 0. 75-1. In the 0mm House, the buried pipe line needs the BV-70 type PVC insulated copper core hard wire, its cross-sectional area is 1. 0-2. 0mm to ensure long safe service life; As for the mobile socket connection used in the humid environment such as kitchen and toilet, it is advisable to choose RVZ-70 sheath line.POWER CABLE

                The purchase of wire, first as a coil of wire packaging has the Chinese Electrotechnical Products Certification Committee of the "Great Wall logo" and production license number; see if the outer plastic skin of the wire is bright, the texture is fine, with the lighter light should no open flame. The use of recycled plastic products, color dim, loose texture, can ignite an open flame, the second look at length, than Price, Bvv2x2.5 The length of each volume is 100 meters, the market price of about 280 yuan, non-formal product length of 60-80 meters, some manufacturers to the e-insulation skin to make thick, so that the experts can not see the problem, usually the number of wire coil, and then times the radius of the whole volume, you can roughly calculate the length, the price of such products between 100-130 yuan; Second, you can ask the merchant to cut a broken, look at the copper core material. 2x2.5 copper Core Diameter 1.784 mm, can be measured by micrometer, normal product wire use red copper, the outer layer of light and slightly soft, the informal product copper black and hard, is recycled miscellaneous copper, high resistivity, poor conductivity, will heat up and not safe.POWER CABLE