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Power Cable Color Standard And Function

Shenzhen KW-LINK Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 12, 2017

Power cable We often see the three-pin plug line to see the color of the three wires are not phase, then the three lines of the function of the line is what? American standard line and the national standard is not the same?

For three core lines

Power cable L pole: is the fire line.

Commonly used core color: black or brown (some companies called brown, brown), the US regulatory regulations often use these two colors, European regulations with brown (brown, brown)

Power cable N pole: then zero line.

Power cable Common core color: white, red, light blue. US regulatory regulations often use these three colors, European regulations with light blue

Power cable E pole: ground wire.

Commonly used core color: green or green yellow (some companies called yellow green or green yellow, yellow green), the US regulatory regulations are commonly used in these two colors, many companies use the green between the yellow.

We can buy power lines, cables can often be resolved to see the power cord, the cable printed on the RVVP, RVV and other English letters at the beginning of a channeling letters, many people have to get their meaning. In fact, they are the table of the power lines, cable models and uses, the following we (Austrian power line) for everyone to explain how many commonly used wire and cable representation of the use.

Various cable functions

Power cable RVV: (227IEC52 / 53) PVC insulated flexible cable (cross-sectional area: 0.5-6.0 core number 1-24)

Uses: power lines, signal lines, household appliances, small power tools, instrumentation and power lighting. This line as long as the standard line with the standard price difference, but the market there is no lack of useful impurities copper, wire diameter is not enough, short meters, straight (core copper wire is not twisted or core is not twisted, so greatly reduced tensile capacity, Resistance increases) to charge the number of cases. Derived Model: RVVS: This type of cable wire width of the encryption, generally used for broadcasting systems.

Power cable RVVP: Copper core PVC insulated shielded PVC sheathed flexible cable, voltage 300V / 300V 2-24 core. Main quality indicators: wire diameter (including the core and braided wire, not the thicker the better, with impurity copper to achieve the resistance standard and do very thick), copper core purity, weaving density, laying distance. Uses: instruments, meters, intercom, monitoring, control installation.

RVS, RVB for home appliances, small power tools, instrumentation, instrumentation and power lighting connection power lines, RVS can also be used for broadcast lines or instead of RVV line. RVB in the case of low demand can replace the gold and silver line.

Power cable RG: Physical foam polyethylene insulated access cable for coaxial fiber optic hybrid network (HFC) transmission of data in analog signals, this is the US standard, similar to the national standard SYWV series. The main quality indicators: copper wire diameter, insulation thickness, woven materials (the market for the aluminum-magnesium wire weaving, good quality should be tin-plated copper), weaving density.

Power cable UTP: LAN cable Uses: transmission of telephone, computer data, fire, security security system, intelligent building information network. Commonly used UTP CAT 5, UTP CAT 5E with shielded model STP.

Power cable KVVP: PVC sheathed shielded cable Use: electrical, instrumentation, power distribution device signal transmission, control, measurement.

Power cable AVVR: PVC cable for installation of PVC (cross-sectional area: 0.12-0.5 core number 1-24) Uses: signal, control. Such as access control signals, control, PTZ control.

RV, RVP PVC insulated cable, PVC shielded cable, mainly used for equipment.

BV, BVR PVC insulated cable Uses: suitable for electrical instrumentation equipment and power lighting fixed wiring, the price affordable low resistance. In many occasions to connect the power supply can be considered.

Power cable RIB: speaker cable (fever line, gold and silver line) Some audio line models often marked "6N", "7N" words, its meaning is used to indicate the use of metal materials produced by the level of the purity of the fever. Such as "99.9999%", you can use "6N" that is, that its purity is 6 9, N in front of the greater the number that the higher the purity of the audio line. Home theater audio equipment need to use high quality audio line, the key is to master the truth-seeking, the ability to do this principle. For the general popularity (million or less) of the audio equipment without deliberately seeking high-quality wire, as long as the use of a larger section of the copper core signal line can be larger. For better home theater audio equipment, you can consider the use of high-quality audio line.

HYV, HYA data communication cable (indoor and outdoor) (core diameter 0.5mm, core number 2,4,8, etc.) that telephone line, for telephone communication and radio equipment connection and telephone distribution network distribution box Wiring and so on. On the market generally the diameter of the core is 0.4 mm, there are almost wire or copper-aluminum alloy. The number of other telephone lines is generally insufficient.

Power cable SYWV (Y), SYKV cable TV, broadband cable dedicated cable structure: (coaxial cable) single oxygen-free round copper + physical foam polyethylene (insulation) + (tinned wire + aluminum) + PVC (poly Ethylene), (equivalent to American Standard RG-6, RG-59). Now the market with aluminum magnesium wire weaving (not welding, easy to oxidation), the core with copper clad aluminum, copper clad steel, and even many people think SYWV line cheaper than SYV line, but in fact not the case.