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Fluk Test UTP Copper Cat5e Communication Network Cable

Shenzhen KW-LINK Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 04, 2016

Fluk Test UTP Copper Cat5e Communication Network Cable

It basically means the Cat 5e is better at keeping signals on different circuits or channels from interfering with each other. A step above Cat 5, it can handle 1000 Mbps speeds (gigabit Ethernet) at 100 MHz.

Solid Cat5e Ethernet cable is the most popular cable for long, stationary runs, in a home or office network. While solid conductor cable is not as flexible as those with stranded conductors, it provides better performance over longer distances. This bulk cable is in an easy-pull box and can be measured and cut to exact distances, then terminated to a connector, jack, or patch panel.


  • PVC Jacket

  • Solid 24 AWG Bare Copper Conductors

  • Tested to 350 MHz

  • Meets Cat5e Standards

  • RoHS Compliant

  • UL-Listed

  • CMX Rated