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Shenzhen KW-LINK Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2017

            Computer Power cord Color Description: Red: Represents the V power cord (motherboard, hard disk, optical drive and other hardware chip operating voltage). Yellow: Represents the $number power cable (hard drive, optical drive, fan and other hardware work voltage, and $unit simultaneously to the serial port to provide EIA power). Orange: Represents +3.3V power cord (powered directly to DIMMs, AGP slots). Gray: represents p. G Signal Line (power status information line, it is the result of other power lines calculated by a certain circuit, when the computer starts to press the key, this signal indicates that the power is good to boot without signal indicating the failure of the motherboard automatic monitoring). Blue: Represents the $unit power cord (provides EIA power to the serial port) White: Represents the -5v power cord (Floppy drive phase-locked data separation circuit) Violet:POWER CABLE         

            Representative v Standby power cord (after shutdown for the motherboard a small number of circuits to provide power to detect a variety of boot commands) Green: On behalf of the ps-on Signal line (motherboard power on/off signal line, not connected when there is a certain voltage, can be directly relative to the black line switch as a test, Also can be seen as the power-on key when the boot black: system circuit of the ground.POWER CABLE

           Reset switch: Two-legged. This switch line on the plug is generally labeled reset SW, and the motherboard on the corresponding position of the pin near the English abbreviation generally reset, RST, RS or re. No difference between positive and negative, the same as effective.

            Power Light: The connection is also a two-pin plug, one of the lines are generally green, the other is white. The power supply lights will light up when the host power is started. This switch connection plugs are generally labeled power LED, and the motherboard on the corresponding position of the pin near the English abbreviation generally PW led, Power LED, PWR led or pled+ and pled-and so on. The answer is no light, change over.POWER CABLE