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Coaxial Cable Conductor Transmission

Shenzhen KW-LINK Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

The two twisted wires are twisted together. Wire twist together to reduce the radiation between the radiation, twisted pair has long been used in the telephone communication analog signal transmission, can also be used for data signal transmission, is the most commonly used transmission media. Physical characteristics Twisted pair is generally copper, providing good conductivity. Transmission characteristics Twisted pair can be used to transmit analog signals can also be used to transmit digital signals. For analog signals, an amplifier is required approximately every 5 to 6 km. For digital signals, use a repeater every 2 ~ 3km.Coaxial Cable

Twisted pair is most commonly used for analogue transmission of sound, although the spectrum of speech is between 20Hz and 20Hz, but the bandwidth required for understandable voice transmission is much narrower. The standard width of a full-duplex audio channel is 300Hz - 4Hz, that is, as long as 4Hz bandwidth. Thus, multiple frequency channels can be multiplexed using frequency division multiplexing techniques on twisted pairs. Twisted pair bandwidth of 268Hz, leaving appropriate isolation between the channels, then you can have 24 inter-frequency channel capacity. When using a modem, twisted pair as analog mid-frequency channel can also transmit digital data.Coaxial Cable

Geographic range twisted pair can easily provide data transmission within 15km or more, such as long distance trunks. The twisted pair of the LAN is mainly used in a building or several buildings, the transmission distance of up to 1km at 100kbps. Anti-jamming In the low-frequency transmission, twisted pair of anti-interference is equivalent to or higher than the coaxial cable, but in more than 10 ~ 100kHz, the coaxial cable is superior to the twisted pair.Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cable as twisted pair as a pair of conductors, but their "coaxial" form of line pairs, the innermost layer is the inner core, outsourcing a layer of insulation material, outside a layer of shielding, the outermost It is a protective effect of the plastic jacket. The inner core and the shield form a pair of conductors. Coaxial cable is divided into baseband coaxial cable (impedance 50 ohms) and broadband coaxial cable (impedance 75 ohms).Coaxial Cable