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Characteristics And Performance Of Patch Cable

Shenzhen KW-LINK Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Because of the long-term use of the machine, so that the high and low position of the needle bar shifted, coupled with the needle rod connecting column, needle rod connecting rod, crank and other parts of the wear, the gap appears loose, the jumper, the replacement of the worn parts, according to the standard adjustment of the position of the needle bar, rotating shuttle and machine needle spacing, clearance; , line to meet the requirements, reasonable adjustment of the original spindle and machine needle spacing. When sewing thick material, increase presser foot pressure.Patch Cable

It is caused by the plane of the presser foot and the plane of the needle plate and the tooth surface of the pressing tooth. Repair grinding presser foot pressure, so that three parts of the plane to close or replace the qualified presser feet and pressing teeth, the machine needle bending, the replacement of the new machine needle, the machine needle is too heavy or thick seam;Patch Cable

Continuity jumper: The bottom line thread stays too short, the line ring cannot cover the bottom line; take out the pike, pull the bottom line out of the 10 cm or so, the machine needle after long-term use, or maintenance, improper maintenance, the location of the parts change, not to the sewing requirements; According to the requirements of the replacement of qualified parts, adjust the position of the needle bar, the needle and the spindle tip of the The surface line is affected by the heat of the needle, and the chemical fiber line should be Leng (silicone oil);Patch Cable

Sewing special materials, the coil can not be formed normally, should slow the seam speed and increase the smoothness of the surface line, after the automatic cutting of the head, the thread on the machine needle is removed from the needle, and the adjusting time of the shearing cam is too wide, and when the needle cloth exits, the sewing material moves and affects the coil, which is the most affected when the thin material is used. According to the seam material, Move the presser foot to the left, to the right, or to fill the wide groove with solder to open the narrower groove, and polish or replace the qualified presser foot.Patch Cable

The jumper is used to transfer a variety of links on the wiring rack, which can be used as a wiring rack or equipment connection cable. Modular jumper at both ends of the RJ45 joint, the use of TIA/EIA-568A needle structure, and flexible plug design to prevent loose and die.Patch Cable