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SYV 3C-2V, RG59 Coaxial Cable For CCTV/CATV

Shenzhen KW-LINK Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 31, 2016

 The RG59 Coaxial Cable,Siamese Indoor,20AWG BC,95% CCA Braid  has 20 AWG solid bare copper conductor for optimal signal transmission. It also has 18 AWG power cables so you can power your cameras with a single run of RG59 cable. It has 95% copper clad aluminum braid shielding over the primary conductor.

Primus Cable supplies this RG59 siamese cable in pull boxes of both 500’ and 1,000’ lengths. It is available in either white or black jacketing. This RG59 cable would be the ideal choice for wiring CCTV or CATV inside office buildings, restaurants, and retail stores.