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Hybrid cable RG6 with messenger

Shenzhen KW-LINK Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 01, 2016


   RG6 coaxial cable is most commonly used for CATV, or cable television networking, for the distribution of video signals within homes. They frequently have a copper cladded steel (CCS) center conductor and either an aluminum foil or braided shielding. RG6 CATV coaxial cable generally has low coverage around 60% shielding.

  This high grade RG6 coaxial cable is designed for digital HDTV applications including direct burial television antennas. This dual shielded RG6 cable has a 60% bonded aluminum foil shield to reduce signal interference. The 18 AWG diameter conductor is solid copper clad steel, and it's swept tested to 3.0 GHz.