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CATV RG11 Drop Cable Flooding Compound PVC Jacket Standard Shield

Shenzhen KW-LINK Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 01, 2016

RG11 coaxial cable is the bulkiest of the coaxial cable family. It is denser and not as flexible as smaller gauge cables for audio/video networking. RG11 coaxial cable is recommended for special purpose applications like direct burial and long distance runs. It has higher signal retention than RG6 and RG59.

RG11 cable is popular among electricians since it exhibits very little signal loss up to 400 feet. The RG11 Coaxial Cable,Direct Burial 14AWG Solid CCS has a sun resistant UV rated jacket for outdoor networking. This RG11 coaxial cable is suitable for indoor, outdoor, and direct burial in conduit. The 14 gauge copper clad steel conductor is shielded from interference with 65% braided aluminum and aluminum foil.